Absurdity of Chain Messages

I am referring to those Brothers/Sisters who’re posting on social media:
1) Type Allaah in one seconds and you will be Successful!
2) I need one person to sacrifice himself in a seconds to type Muhammad!
3) If you love Muhammad, type S.A.W!
4) If you share this post you will be successful!
5) If you don’t answer my Tasleem, you are a sinner!
6) You not answering this Tasleem is a debt for you!
7) If you don’t take your time to like this and type S.A.W, you are not a good Muslim! Or Shaytan has enchained you!!
8 ) If you share this post now you will enter Jannah!
9) Write Allahu Akbar and share this post, something good will happens to you in 7days if you do, and if you don’t anything that happens to you, just accept it!
10) As you received this Message, make sure you share it, Someone Received this message at Makka, he shared it, after 7 days, he receivec 4 k dollars and become rich and very successful.
Another person received this message at Medina and refuse to share, after 7 days, different kinds of afflictions beings to happen to him, after 3month he died! And his kids lost 4 k dollars
(Nauwdhubillah) Fear Allah for your states
“Your posts has no basis”
Beware of such things which will not benefits you or others. Do everything for the sake of Allah even if it’s very few.
May Allah accept our good deeds
Kindly stop posting such absurdity.
These are not the Miracles of Islam.
Visit our page to get to know to the miracles of Islam
Those who asked for sciences in Islam


I finish
Has God really ordained on us to pass messages thru whatsapp and facebook ?!
Otherwise something bad will hurt us!!!!
Or something good will !!!
Do angels sleep!!! Lol
Then they are not angels!
What game do angels play baseball for example🏴
Who said 20 are with us
Why exactly send to 14 people
God tests us whether to send silly messages!!!
If i send it will i be an angel too with a jello strawberry??!!🍓 🍰
That is falsehood mixed with good lol
Pls don’t send anything
Let only preachers do
Dangerous Mistakes i found
1. Our prophet didn’t say deliver such false news
2. This is not a Godly text
3. This is not a hadeeth 👇
“If you deny me in front of your friends, I will deny you on the day of Resurrection”
In which book of narration is this???
Come on bring it!!!
No more stars in the universe ????
This is never a sign of the hour
Who said the sun will lower itself with the earth
This is a totally wrong info
The sun will lower to the area of resurrection up on the judgment day near hell and paradise not here
You see how many mistakes
So pls never pass anything before you ask preachers