Answer to your qs
Who is Ustaz #ridouan_soumaa    and what is IIN?
Messenger groups for the responsed IIN
What is Islamic International Network(IIN) ?!! 🛑
Welcome to IIN website project. Want to be a student of knowledge in Islam type 1 we will add you to our groups on Messenger to learn in sha Allah
⚘IIN daawah project in Brief⚘
▪︎We call Moderate Sunni Islam
▪︎We help new Muslims grow stronger
▪︎We respond to all misconceptions and allegations against Islam
▪︎We teach preachers of Islam
▪︎We post the Scientific Miracles in Islam
▪︎We Respond to all deviated sects
▪︎We Teach Arabic and Quran
▪︎We help the depressed
▪︎We Write Islamic articles every day
▪︎We respond to Christians, Atheists, Sufis, Quranists, Shia, Ahmadiyya, etc
▪︎We Teach Salah and invocations
▪︎We teach new Muslims everyday on our Messenger groups non stop
▪︎With us are well qualified preachers with CERTIFICATES from well known online Daawah schools websites and academies
👉🏼 ( Guidance through the Noble Quran and Authentic Sunnah “Teaching of Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ)”
We are a group of Muslims based in USA.
We are dedicated to educating you about Islam, giving you a chance to hear about Islam from practicing Muslims.
IIN’s aim is to eradicate misconceptions about Islam, to show a good example of a Muslim’s demeanor, and to show a good example of Islam through good actions required of a Muslim by the Quran and Sunnah.
Allah Almighty Says in the Quran:
((And who is better in speech than one who invites to Allah and does righteousness and says: “Indeed, I am of the Muslims.” ))
41:33 Surah Fussilat
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🚩🚩🚩Page the on Scientific miracles in Quran and Sunnah
Page 1
Responses to Christians
Page 1
🚩🚩■Ahmadiyya Anti- Project ( page) ■
Responses to Nation of Islam
Responses to Madkhalis
Responses to Hinduism
■□Responses to Sufis
■Responses to Shia
🚩Page to respond to Shia
Responses to Quranists
Responses to Atheists IIN
How to respond to Attackers of Islam
Our main three groups
💥👉🟥Follow my page for everyday teachings on Islam
*3 years, the leader of Islamport website —>English daawa team (2016 – 2018)
*Previously the leader of the English team at the well known daawa website #Ask_A_Muslim
Ask A Muslim
*Translator of videos : The videos translated reached millions views, posted by well known figures and broadcast on TV channels as well
– 8 million views
The same video reached 20 million views on socmed
– Broadcast on Al Qahira wannas TV channel
**Previously the leader of the page
Ask About Islam
*The head of an international Dawaa Network called IIN which gathers active preachers online
-We teach to the reverts the following : Arabic, Salat, Daily Fiqhi lessons, Responses to allegations
* Teacher of New Muslims : (Salat, Answering questions, explanation of Kitab Tawheed, daily teachings etc..)
* Preacher on several groups and pages.
*Several hundreds converted through me to Islam al hamdulillah
*I studied Tajweed Rules at Imam Malik religious association with Sheikh Mohammed Achtib who is a direct student of Ayman Sweed.
The most well known tajweed teacher of all time now
My teachers i directly studied at are
_Jardi he is the student of Albani
_ Abdullah El Meknassi ; Student of Ibn Baz and Ibn Uthaymeen and Jardi
_El Koutbi : student of Jardi
_ Mohamed Hmamou : student of Jardi
_Dr Moustafa Mohamad Abd Almoneim  student of Al Huwaini and Mohamed Hassan
I have certified certificates of daawah from the international Medinah school and e-dialoue
Certificate from islamport website
Certificate from @Ask A Muslim
Am the student of Kamal El Mekki
Of Abdurraheem green
Of Hamza tzortzis
Of @Alae Sayid
At mopacademy online academy
I was the first to get the certificate at 🎓  👨🎓 at mopacademy al hamdulillah
*I can refute allegations against Islam.
I have compiled and written hundreds of articles and many serie of lectures on;
We have made a website to gather all the responses feel free to visit
Some articles i wrote
-Trip to the Hereafter.
-Most of the needed responses on allegations against Islam
-Fiqh Articles.
-Who are the jinns.
-Who are the angels, Scientific Miracles in Islam etc
*Owner and admin in many public groups on facebook  with hundreds of thousand followers
*Skillful on the scientific Miracles in Islam :
*The Chief admin of the page on the sciences in Islam :
Currently the chief admin of IIN
Islamic International Network
*I can refute non Muslims’ misconceptions on Islam.
I have written a serie of responses to allegations against Islam.
Get all the responses we made at our page for that
*I am doing training courses for preachers on our groups.
*I have done dozens of live teaching videos on various topics on facebook
*English teacher (Public Sector).
*BA degree in English literature with a monograph in the scientific Miracles in Islam
Certificate from IslamPort website.
Certificate of Daawah from e dialogue / Messengers of Peace and Mop Academy
Certificate of Daawah from Ask A Muslim website.
Languages :
Mastrey of Arabic and English
Little French