Evil Eye is Real

Evil Eye is Real

To everyone who publishes his or children’s photos on Facebook. Dangers of the evil eye
By Ridouan Soumaa ( IIN member)

Stop sharing everything on social media.

1. Don’t advertise your happy marriage on social media.

2. Do not advertise pregnancy on social media.

3 .Don’t advertise your kids achievements on social media.

4. Don’t advertise your expensive purchases on social media.


A. Not everyone is going to be happy for you.

B. Most of the “nice” comments you get are just fake.

C. You are just attracting the evil eye on you and your family. <SEE THE EVIDENCE WE PROVIDE BELOW>

D. You are just attracting jealous people into your life.

E. You don’t know who’s saving your pictures & checking your updates.

F.You really need to stop this as it may ruin your life, family, marriage and career.

♨️Don’t fall into the devils trap. Let a part of your life remain private as happiness is in secretness.

Let me tell you first beloved brothers and sisters that sharing pictures of yourself while in picnic or on shore with the children etc on the Internet, will cause you afflictions with scourges, because they have been appointed and well chosen and because we often do not protect them with legal invocation precautions..

Yes, Allah protects us true but with what he gave us as adkar and invocations not by being armless and saying Allah protects. Both religious and universal laws go hand in hand.

We cannot imagine soldiers against enemies without weapons…
And listen my brothers and sisters, to the following evidence:
1. In Quran prophet of Allah Jacob was afraid about his son Joseph and asked him not to tell his dreams (that He was appointed prophet) to his brothers because of envy from them.
2. He also said to all of his sons when they were about to set off for Egypt: ((Do not enter from one door and enter from different doors)) Surat Joseph.

If Jacob peace be upon him was afraid of the evil eye, what do you think of me and you.

3. Not everyone who laughs in your face, his heart is pure and some people are hateful and malicious.

⚘Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says
People are created from different ores (minerals)

The Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said, “People are like ores. Those who were excellent in the Days of Ignorance are excellent in Islam provided they acquire the knowledge and understanding of the religion. You will find the best people in it (Islam) those who had a deep hatred (for leadership). You will find the worst among the people a double-faced person who appears to some people with one face and to others with another face.”
▪︎[Al-Bukhari and Muslim].

Therefore, we have to cover the lantern of the lamp with glass so that the wind does not extinguish it.

I mean, do not reveal your secrets for everyone keep them and let’s live happiness in our homes.

I have advised dozens here on facebook who publish the pictures of innocence (children) and they just accepted my advice after hearing evidence from me ..

You should know dear friends that one of the most serious things that afflicted most of us in this era is the bareness of houses,

👉some of them for example say: I am outside the house on a picnic I am at the airport .. Or depicts you his new luxury car or post images the best cooked food and publish it of course they don’t publish beans or lentils but pizza !!!

.. or they tell you: we are in the excellent market. and so on
In rural areas, for example, we have a famous proverb that says that the closed mouth never lets flies in.

👉👀What is evil eye?

They are hatred and hatred in the hearts of filthy impure people

The eyes do not hit of course but devils do

demons are the ones who live in such filthy impure hearts and thus cause others harm and 80% of deaths happen due to evil eyes as will come soon below with proofs.

So, as for the Hadeeth of the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him).
He said:

“Evil-eye is true. It penetrates a camel in a cooking pot and a man in a grave.”
*(Kashfu’l-Khafa, 2: 76, narrated Abu Naim).

The meaning is a beautiful transportation means or vehicle car or camel may be envied and so broken.
but as for the camel may be broken too and slaughtered to be put in a pot as food!

The Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) said:

” The majority of my Ummah that die after pre-destination is of the evil eye.
*Narrated by al-Bukhaari

Narrated in🎈 Saheeh Muslim that concerning the good dreams you see, ” Do not narrate them except to who you love”
the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) forbade to tell them to all people.. because if we do we may be deprived of the positive outcomes of those dreams and only bad negative things will happen.

Psychology says think positive you will find positive things in front of you and vice versa

we also know that people are different in hatred and hypocrisy.

Man may harm even his son or even himself with admirable words.

In a Hadeeth authenticated by 🎈Albani that a Sahabi harmed his fellow only because of admiration and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) ordered him to wash and pour on his brother from the bucket that he washed from.

It is also wise not to talk about the achievements and blessings of your father in front of an orphan and the banks full of currency with poor people and so on ..

But someone may say that precautions cannot push back fate and things are “written/decreedon us” and that Allah loves to see the grace of His slave upon him, but we respond to him by saying :

Yes, precautions cannot push back fate but Prophet said: 👇🏻

Take help in fulfilling your needs\projects by concealing them. For indeed every favoured person is envied.
🎈[ Albani 1453]
And thus, he peace be upon him guides us to take precautions too for ourselves because people are like minerals (different) and people may envy you even on your religious obedience and righteousness and piety before Allah

Such a bad error to find those who sit among people and calls his son to boast by telling him recite so and so..be it Quran or whatever..

As a result, This grace may not be found in the near future !!

Conclusion: We must live happiness in our homes before we lose it and because true happiness lies in secrecy.

If some claim Allah says in 🎈Quran (93:11) “And as for the favor of your Lord, do announce (it).”

Scholars say this has to do with proclaiming the general bounties like Islam and prophet Muhammed etc..

Side note: Don’t use amulets to protect yourself but rather be pious, pray Salat on time, invoke the morning and evening invocations..
Use this dikr in the morning and evening
Auudu bikalimati Allahi Tammati min kulli shaytanin wa haamah wa min kulii Aaynin Laamah

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