Women in Islam compared to the west

Women in Islam compared to the West

In Islam the wealth of a woman belongs to her. No one has the right to take it from her whomsoever.

In Islam a woman can work but only with her husband’s permission or if she is needy.

👒 Islam honors the woman as a mother.

⚘Mothers are of great value in our religion. We don’t just visit her once in a year giving her a red flower.
🥀Once it melts her love fades away.🥀
However, prophet Muhammad peace be upon him says your mother should be accompanied and taken good care of three times more than the father.

Islam considers the aunt as the mother. Nobody ever thinks of aunts or grandmothers rights in the west..

All what they think is putting them in Old people houses?!

But rather they have made organizations called enmity organizations against men?!?!
or feminism emancipation ones..
they made them in Sweden because woman is already deprived of rights in your countries..

Whereas the elder a woman is in Islam the more honored she is.

Allah compares his Oness which is why he created us for to the good care of parents!
Muslim parents are granted paradise in Islam just for raising at least 2 girls, educating them and affording them shelter..

Therefore, Arabs say:
Concern of girls till they die
. هم البنات حتى الممات
Islam honors her as a wife.
Prophet Muhammad says: The best amongst you is he who treats his wife good.!!

From the birth of girl, she is saved from exposure to the males as naked for her natural changing
She is told that Allah has forbidden women purposely showing her figure, and it is a sin
She is rooted in mind that illegal sex before marriage is one of the major sin whose punishment is very severe in this world and hereafter.
She is not only told to dress modestly (which should not tempt males by her figure curves) She is told that intermingling sex is the main source of sex crimes. No concept of boy friend is in Islam.
After education she may work and try her best to keep away from migling with the opposite sex thus get far from any sexual misuse of

Her free sex is only with her husband
now compare between the
example is of Saudi Arabia, where sex crimes are minimum not even 0.1%.
to US where you have each 20 second one rape.!?!

More than 3000 rapes are reported daily.
Each three hours 400 are raped in America

The question to ask are they humans or not?

Compare this terrifying sexual crimes to muslims countries man.
Islam is purification from any mixed womb’s imprint causing aids!

In the West, it is labeled that women have got freedom and equal rights, but actually they are used merely as sex tool, and deprived of their rights which they will enjoy, if getting married. They are not respected for being virgin, but they think such girl as one whom nobody liked to be used. What a shame, a virgin girl is just an abuse of her personality.

The Western society which speaks of upgrading the status of women in their countries, have actually reduced her status to concubines, to mistresses, to society butterflies, which are mere tools in the hands of sex marketers and pleasure seekers, which are disguised behind the colorful screen of art and culture. Women are made so much involved in sex that during their job they are raped or enjoyed, even their leaders are involved in it, example is of President Clinton. Lately in May 2007, it is revealed that there was a prostitute then running under the umbrella of White House. Political leaders are gifted women for political gains..

Come to Islam.