Latest Updates on Macroh and France

Latest Updates on Macroh and France

In France you can’t study holocaust but you can insult prophets!

Macron said to Al Jazeerah that the boycott drove him crazy

Macron gives deadline to the Sarkozian Isamic Liberal Council to enact a pact on Human Liberal values !

Journals like Parisien, BFM TV, 20 minutes, Rfi etc they all said France is suffering economically especially after the boycott of Muslims

Time magazine: Charlie Hebdo the stupid and nasty newspaper 📰 was banned in France for many years back in the 70s for mocking the death of French President Charle de Gaulle

3 days now 17/11/2020
Darmanine French interior minister said any students or anyone to oppose the Charlie Hebdo caricatures on prophet Muhammad at school or anywhere will be sent out and casted out of France

Last Saturday a “madman” not terrorist ok killed in Cholet in France he said Lord sent me to kill all non believers
The judge in court defended him and said he is not terrorist!!!!
Woooow!! What a Scandal!!
If a Muslim does this they label all Muslims as terrorists!!!

2019 French police arrested a man for burning a toy that

So where is freedom of expression huh!

British newspaper (The spectator) to European 🇪🇺 leaders📰
Why you left Macron alone to fight Islamism????
Douglass Mouray is a fanatic against Muslims to come to Europe
The spectator’s fanatic press man who Islamophobe ok

Now it’s the French economy that is in Crisis not Islam ok.

In Morocco 🇲🇦 French products are so cheap now the cheapest so Moroccans will buy but in vain
History of France
So dirty (new infos)

France occupied Gabon 🇬🇦 in 1862
Congo 🇨🇩 1880 then Central Africa 🇨🇫 in 1900 so as to name these countries later as the The (French Tropical Africa)

In 17 Nov 1917 France murdered 400 Scholars from Chad 🇹🇩 in Basha countryside in Oum Kamil city
After the family of Fadl Allah defeated them twice in two battles
Rabih Fadl Allah Sudanese who ruled south Sudan 🇸🇩 with Islamic sharia
He defeated Paul Crimple in 1890
In 1894 Rabih defeated Pritonier too in Tigbao battle
In 1899 Jentel was killed too in South Chad 🇹🇩

In 22 April 1900 Rabih was defeated because Europeans and 3 African countries colonised by France attacked him and they beheaded his head and took it to the French skull 💀 museum
They also attacked his son and cut his head too in 1909
France changed Arabic language with French
Destroyed all Masjids
Burnt all masahif and Quranic associations for memorizing Quran
They built hospitals 🏥 and schools 🏫 but only the Christians had the right to go therein