Scientifically Prophet went to the Heavens (Israe wal Miaaraj)

Scientifically Prophet went to the Heavens (Israe wal Miaaraj)

#Did_your_prophet_ride_on_a_flying donkey_to_the_heavens?


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⚡Answer to those who reject prophet’s journey to the heavens




🌹Quran mentions 4 astrological facts and more.. which are amazingly accurate today

🌹Quran precedes modern science to speak about the 👇🏻

🍎N1. Quran on Gates of the atmosphere

🍎N2. Quran on the rolling, banking and bending of space shuttles before penetrating through the gates.

🍎N3. Quran on the magnetic fields burning everything penetrating them.

🍎N4. Quran on the unexistense of oxygen once we go up into the heavens and outside the atmosphere.

🍎N5. Quran on Universe darkness.



🍎 N1


Here is what the Quran mentions in Surat Al Hujurat about the other scientific phenomena:


(( And (even) if We opened upon them a gate of the heaven (and) so they linger on winding up through it, [banking, swinging, or bending through it]

They would certainly say: Only our eyes have been covered over, rather we are a people affected by magic.))

▪︎[Al Hijr 14-15]

⚡Zaghloul Naggar says:

These words predicted by the Quran are the that a Russian Astronaut said this once he went out of our atmosphere.

⚡Min: 4:35 Geologist Dr Zaghloul Enaggar affirmed this


A Russian astronaut said: “I have almost lost my eyesight. Am I blind or some magic has come over me!”


Allah the Almighty and most High spoke in the Quran about the penetration of rockets or space shuttles’s through the atmosphere gates.

Quran calls them the gates because they open and shut according to the moon rotation around the earth as shown in the pictures below in the link provided.

So Atmospheric layer has gates which open rarely per year according to rotation of the moon around the Earth.

⚡Science says before the penetration through the sky’s gate, the shuttle undergoes a tough fire bathroom for several minutes because of the magnetic fields. That’s why many shuttles collapsed as you will see below in the videos such as Discovery and Columbia shuttles..

😮Challenger space shuttle disaster



😮Columbia space shuttle disaster


♦️See 10 huge sad disasters

♦️1. Antares $80 m ♦️2. Atlas 1985 ♦️3. Arian5 60 $ m 1995 ♦️4.Juno 2

1959 10 $ m ♦️5. Titan 1. 12. $m 1959 ♦️6. Falcon 9. 2015  62 $ m

⚡👉🏼FALCON Min 7:38   Penetration through the atmospheric space gate wasn’t successful

♦️7. Atlas center 70$ m 1962 ♦️8. Atlas center 5  1965  ♦️9. 2013. Proton M  65$ m


🍎N2 Bending before entry points

(gates of the atmosphere)

The One who told him that he went from Al Quds to the sky and bended in it is the One who informed us that His prophet bended too in the atmospheric entries

That’s why the trip of our beloved prophet is called “El Israe and Miaaraj” and El Miaaraj in Arabic means bending, curving, rolling, banking.

Science affirms exactly Quranic facts. science mentions clearly that there are corridors leading to those entry points. (Gates)

Watch NASA videos then judge yourself: :

Now. Here is what the Quran mentions in Surat Al Hujurat about the other scientific phenomena.

(( And (even) if We opened upon them a gate of the heaven (and) so they linger on winding up through it, [banking, swinging, or bending through it] They would certainly say: Only our eyes have been covered over, rather we are a people affected by magic.))

[Al Hujurat 14-15]



After Astronauts penetrate through the atmosphere they become astonished and realise that the day is only on earth While the whole universe is at night state.


Now here is Quran talking accurately about the aforementioned facts..

👇🏻Surat Arrahman

((O assembly of the jinn and the men! If you are able to pass through the regions of the heavens and the earth, then pass through; you cannot pass through but with authority. [From Allah]. Which then of the favors of your Lord will you deny?

There will be sent against you both, smokeless flames of fire and (molten) brass, and you will not be able to defend yourselves.))

[Arrahman 33-35]

[[See the pics below and video links below]]


Nasa confirmed this fact too (ashes of magnetic fire hit space shuttle)




🍎N3 Darkness of Space

Quran describes the night in the universe as the goat’s corpse (which is the orogine) and the day as its skin.

Allah informs us that once the skin is removed the original night remains there. Thus we get darkened.

Such a realistic and scientific metaphor!

Add to this, the atmospheric layer, which is only 200 kilometers and which the sun shines on, is responsible for SHOWING the sun

Scientifically speaking, the definition of the day is: the reflection of the sun brightness on the atmosphere.

So this definition clearly reveals that the days location is only in the atmosphere, nowhere else.

Therefore, we deduce that the day displays the sun to us!

And this fact is exactly what’s revealed in the Noble Quran too!

((And by the day, as it shows up the sun’s brightness)).

[Quran sun: 3]

Muslims believe in the scientific miracles before they discovered them.


🍎N4:  Lack of oxygen above in the sky

Concerning the mentioning of lack of oxygen above the following Aya describes it…

((Therefore (for) whomsoever Allah intends that He would guide him aright, He expands his breast for Islam, and (for) whomsoever He intends that He should cause him to err, He makes his breast strait and narrow as though he were ascending upwards; thus does Allah lay uncleanness on those who do not believe))

Scientifically speaking as said by Dr Muhammed El Maghribi a NASA member that when ascending upwards the lungs become very norrow because of lack of air then the person feels distressed and wants to vomit. after another distance (above 60 klmtrs) the person faiths then dies.

That the assimilation that Allah gives to show us the state of the non Muslims because they don’t have Quranic light in their hearts. But at the same time the creator talks about a scientific fact of the lack of oxygen abov




* 👉🏼Who told prophet Muhammad peace be upon him that the

atmosphere has gates and that you must bend in it because of the tremendous speed up in the atmosphere due to the revolving of the earth round itself?

* 👉🏼Who told him that the whole universe is dark except here on earth?

* 👉🏼Who told him that the day exists only in the atmosphere of the globe no where else and that it (the day) is responsible for the reflection of sun light?

* 👉🏼Who told him that oxygen is only on earth yet when you go up you lose it?

* 👉🏼Who told him that you must curve. roll and bend in the atmosphere ?

Ask yourself!


The answer is simply the One who told us He raised him on a Buraq to the heavens is the same One: Allah who told us such Scientific Miracles in Quran that made scientists convert to Islam too.

-Have a good day😁🌹

See explanatory pics here👇🏻

By Ridouan Soumaa