RIP Expression Permissible?

🛑Saying “RIP” is Not a Prayer For The Dead:
The saying of “RIP” meaning (Rest In Peace) have become popular with many Muslims today in prayers for their dead ones.
This saying is a way and path of the Christians and it’s not from the beautiful prayers our beloved Prophet( Peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) has taught us.
It’s not a prayer but just a mere saying which doesn’t imply anything requesting Allah Of His mercy and forgiveness for the dead.
Islam is a complete and perfect religion so follow that which was brought to you by Islam and do not follow the way of the Christians and their like. As Muslims, We can easily say in prayers for our dead ones:
1. May Allah forgive him/her and have Mercy on him/her
3. May Allah grant him or her the highest Paradise of Al Firdaws and join him/her with our beloved prophet Muhammad salla Allahu alayhi wa sallam
4. O Allah He/she is in your company. O Alah enlighten his/her tomb, overlook his or her faults and, admit him/her to paradise with no reckoning, enlighten his face om the Day of Judgement and steadfast his/her legs on the Sirat (bridge set on hell towards Paradise)
And the like.
Otherwise just saying RIP cannot benefit the dead anything

By: Ridouan Soumaa

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