Who is Muhammad [peace be upon him]

Who is Muhammad [peace be upon him]

Muhammad, peace be upon, Him was chosen to be a prophet 1440 years ago. He came as his brethren prophets with both a glad tiding and a warning.

Allah sent him after people indulged in blind paganist rituals.

He was born in Makkah from Aminah his mother and Abdullah the father. Unfortunately both of them died as idol worshippers.

Grown up as an orphan and endured all kinds of torture with his people after he told them of his prophecy, He was known as the trustworthy before that.They knew his sincerity and decent character.

Though his Quraish tribe hated his monotheistic mission, yet they knew him well and respected him because of his high level of morals and manners.

He married Khadija at the age of 25. She was elder than him. But they lived as the most successful couple ever in history. Even Romeo and Juliet imaginary love story wouldn’t be compared to their real-life one.

Muhammed the prophet lived all kinds of lives; as a shepherd of cattle, as a teacher, a worrior and as the best ever successful husband. etc..

And that’s why Micheal Heart classified him in his book the one hundred as the best personality ever in history.

Not to forget that most thinkers praised his mission and modest and flourished life including:

Napoleon Bonaparte, Bernard Shaw, Leo Tolstoy, G.H. Wells, Thomas Carlyle, Mahatma Ghandi, Alphonse de LaMartaine, James Mechener, Michael Heart, and so on..

Unlike other prophets who were sent only to their people or tribes, our beloved prophet was sent to the whole mankind.

He remained for 13 years in Mekka calling his people especially the Arabian peninsula to the call of Allah. But they tortured both him and his followers (Sahaba) severely. Then, he decided to emigrate to Medina arround 400 kilometers from Mekka city where he found nice and generous people like him.

The outcome of His message is that Islam is the fastest growing religion today with 1.8 billion Muslims today.

** Among his teachings are:


* The way of paradise is under the feet of our mothers

* speak decently or remain quiet

* Love for others what you love for yourself

* The best among Muslims are those treating their wives and family good.

* One is not a full believer till he takes much care of his neighbors

* Don’t harm yourself nor others

* Work so as not to beg others.

* Purity and cleanness is part of faith and Allah is beautiful and loves beauty too.

* Allah gives for gentleness that which he doesn’t give for harshness.

The prophet of Allah managed to really convey the message, advise the nation, struggle and sacrifice for the sake of Allah to guide us to eternal happiness.

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