Who is Bukhari. Responses to those saying Bukhari has weak hadeeths

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Today our speech is interesting.. It’s about Imam al Bukhari.
The arguments have raised much about sahih Al Bukhari, that’s why I decided to talk about Imam Bukhari himself to know him
Today let’s talk more about Bukhari, who is he and what is his story.. He is Muhammad Ibn Ismael Ibn Ibrahim Ibn Al Moghera Ibn Bardizba Al Bukhari.. He was born in 194 of Hijra in a city located behind the river.. Bukhara city is located in Uzpkistan right now..
His father died when he was young so he was raised with his mother.. And his father has left them halal income which helped his mother to bring up al Bukhari.. His father said upon his death I don’t know in my money any unlawful penny nor shobha..
So Imam Bukhari was raised in a righteous family, his father Ismael was from the narrators of hadith.. And after his death Bukhari lived as an orphan but his mother had a favor in what he had reached from knowledge and value after the grace of Allah..
In his childhood Bukhari became blind so his mother used to pray at night supplicating to God, crying and complaining to God about her son.. One night she saw a clear vision while sleeping of Ibrahim peace be upon him, telling her Allah has returned the sight of your son by your much supplication.. So Al Bukhari woke up and Allah has returned his sight.. And he lived in the third century and it was the golden age of the prophetic  hadith.. Bukhari said about himself I was inspired the memorization of hadith while I was in the early school.. He was around 10 years.. Bukhari began to study Islamic science when he was young.. He started to collect the hadith in 16 years old.. He moved to learn hadith from the best narrators in his time.. He learnt from the best narrators in his city first then he made vast trips to other islamic cities from a thousand and eighty shiekh.. Thus his narratives were huge it reached 600,000.. And this means that he was considered to be a very knowledgeable in Sunnah in his time.. He has chosen from his narrations around 7300 hadith to be in sahih al Bukhari.. Bukhari was having an amazing memory he could memorize what he heard from the first time.. He used to go to the hadith lessons and not write.. So his friends blamed him he said that’s enough you can check what you have wrote with us.. And he recited all the hadith they have wrote until he recited 15000 hadith.. So we started to correct what we’ve written from his memorization.. After this he told them did you think I’ve been coming to the lessons without a purpose and waste my days!! Yes you should take care when you accuse Bukhari because you are getting close a huge Imam.. That’s why no one dare to say Bukhari has gone wrong.. Someone who hasn’t memorized 10 ahadith with it’s narrators says Bukhari was mistaken!! Who are you?! This doesn’t mean he never goes wrong but it means he was precise.. So no one can truly correct Bukhari except if he was like him or close from his status and rank.. And to simplify this imagine if Einstien, this physics intelligent scientist, if a student in high school came and said he has mistaken in his theories, will his words be acceptable?!
The story of Bukhari with Baghdad narrators is a famous one.. When Al Bukhari came to Baghdad the hadith scholars wanted to test his memorization.. So they took 100 hadith and reversed their Maten and Sanad so they have attached a maten with a different sanad and vice versa.. So in a meeting the men started to ask Al Bukhari about some reversed hadith and he answered I don’t know them.. Baghdad people got surprised that he is a narrator who doesn’t know the ahadith.. They all asked him and he answered with the same response.. Then after they finished he told the first one you said this hadith and this is the correct hadith.. Then he started to correct all other men.. Until he corrected all the hundred ahadith.. So all people of Baghdad got surprised and they witnessed that he has a perfect memorization and a great value.. Hafiz Ibn Hajar said it’s not a surprise that he could memorize all those ahadith but also that he could memorize the wrong ahadith as how the men said them from one time.. Listen to the piousness of Bukhari when he said I’ve never backbit anyone when I’ve learnt that backbiting is haram.. This Imam was pious to never speak wrong about people so how would he lie about the prophet pbuh?! And now we see many ignorants who backbite Bukhari and these all are rewards and marks in his balance InshaAllah.. He loved the prophetic hadith to the extent it kept him busy to not sleep.. Mohammad Bin Yusuf said I was with Bukhari one night and I’ve counted that he opened the light around 18 times when he remembers things then write them down in notebooks.. How the scholars of the Umma viewed Imam Bukhari?! It is something important that you know what the scholars who lived with him witnessed, so that you know the truth about this Imam..
Yahya Ibn Jaafar said, if I was able to take from my age and increase the age of Bukhari I would do so, because my death means the death of one man but the death of Bukhari means the death of knowledge! Al hafiz Ibn Khuzayma said I didn’t see under the sky who is more knowledgeable in hadith and memorizing it than Bukhari.. And once his student Muslim told him, no one hates you except an envier and I testify that there’s no one like you then he stood and kissed him between his eyes and he told him let me kiss your feet o teacher of teachers and the master of narrators! This is Imam Al Bukhari whom those who have nothing from piousness come to talk about him!

! Bukhari is the most authentic book afted Quran in which the narrations had been collected with strict conditions for its soundness…
It is the number one reference to every scholar, common folks and elits when it comes to hadith..
And when Bukhari and Muslim agree on the soundness of a hadith..then it is without a doubt sound and authentic..
Now regarding the weak which are very rare, the verdict of Mujtahed as weak, is either because previous scholars had given a hadith this verdict…or thatthe Hadith is correct and the one giving judgmennt is wrong…

Now regarding the Hadith about the Prophet and what he did with al Hasan…. All scholars agreed that the chain of narrators are authentic…
That’s one…
Two..this is one incident that happened with Al Hasan, and not consistently! And this is one of his miraclez..unlike what athiests and dunderheads try to reflect his action peace be upon him as sexual abuse, child harassment or something erotic….

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Imam al-Bukhaari (may Allaah have mercy on him) died in 256 AH, i.e., 245 years after the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) died, not as your Shi’i friend claims. But these people are natural liars so this claim comes as no surprise. That does not mean that al-Bukhaari could have narrated directly from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him); this is not what is meant at all. Rather we mention this here for the purpose of making things clear.
But how can we depend upon Saheeh al-Bukhaari when al-Bukhaari never met the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) in person?
The answer is that in his Saheeh, al-Bukhaari did not narrate anything directly from the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him), rather he narrated from trustworthy shaykhs, who attained the highest degree of memorization, precision and trustworthiness, who in turn had narrated from equally reliable shaykhs, all the way back to the Sahaabah who narrated from the Messenger of Allaah (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him). The smallest number of narrators between al-Bukhaari and the Prophet (peace and blessings of Allaah be upon him) is three. So we rely upon Saheeh al-Bukhaari because he chose the narrators from whom he transmitted hadeeth with the utmost care, and they are the most trustworthy. Moreover, he would not write down any hadeeth in his Saheeh until he had done ghusl, then prayed two rak’ahs and prayed istikhaarah, asking Allaah to guide him with regard to writing down this hadeeth; then he would write it down. It took him sixteen years to write this book, which the ummah accepted and unanimously agreed that what is narrated in it is saheeh; and Allaah has protected this ummah from agreeing upon misguidance.
Imam al-Nawawi (may Allaah have mercy on him) said in his introduction to Sharh Muslim (1/14): “The scholars (may Allaah have mercy on them) are agreed that the most sound of books after the Qur’aan are the two Saheehs of al-Bukhaari and Muslim, which were accepted by the ummah. The book of al-Bukhaari is the more sound and the more beneficial of the two.”
If you ask this Shi’i (or Raafidi) about the sayings of ‘Ali (may Allaah be pleased with him) that their leaders have transmitted, and the sayings of al-Baaqir and Ja’far al-Saadiq, and others of Ahl al-Bayt (may Allaah have mercy on them), whether they heard them from them or transmitted them with isnaads (chains of narrators), the answer will be clear. There is a great difference between the isnaads of al-Bukhaari and the isnaads of these misguided people who cannot find the names of their chain of narrators in the reports except in the books of the weak narrators, liars and deficient narrators.
The claim made by this Raafidi (Shi’i) is simply the first step in attacking the Sunnah which demonstrates that their madhhab is false and their beliefs are corrupt. They cannot help but try to stir up trouble with these misguided notions. But they can never succeed, for the truth is clear and falsehood is confused.
Moreover we advise you – may Allaah help you – to look for Sunni friends from whose company you can benefit, and to avoid making friends with followers of bid’ah. The scholars have warned against making friends with them because they will keep on trying until they take a person far away from the truth by using all kinds of wiles and causing confusion.
We ask Allaah to help us and you to follow the Sunnah and to keep away from bid’ah and those who follow it.