Dear Reverts Struggling with Family

Dear Reverts Struggling with Family

Are you new Muslim and in tribulations because of your Islam. Here are some golden advice to you 💯🌴🍃


🚩My advice to you after being tribulated because of your Islam

🔵May Allah grant you Steadfastness in Islam and right Turning towards the Qur’an

🔵Adhere to the Laws of Allah and to doing Righteous Deeds

🔵Try to study the Stories of the Prophets and follow their Example

🔵Always make Du’a (Supplication) to Allah especially in your Sujud

🔵Never neglect the remembrance of Allah (Dhikr) especially morning 🌄 and afternoon 🌇 Adkar

🔵Strive to Follow the correct Way

🔵Try to train and educate in Masjid

🔵Have Confidence in the road you are following (Ahlu Sunnah wal Jamaa)

🔵Call others to Allah (Da’wah) with the best you can

🔵Keep Close to people who will help Make you steadfast in the path of Allah

🔵Be Confident of the Help of Allah, and that the future belongs to Islam

🔵Understand the Reality of falsehood and don’t be Misled by it

🔵Acquire the characteristics that will help one to remain steadfast

🔵Get the advice of righteous men

🔵Think/learn about the delights of paradise and the punishments of Hellfire, and remembering death..
situations where steadfastness is required .Times of trial and tribulation

Be Steadfast in Jihad (striving in the path of Allah not Jihad in Syria 😂😂😂)

🔵Be Steadfast in adherence to the manhaj (Methodology of the Qur’an and Sunnah)
Steadfastness at the Time of Death


⚘🍃Tips For The New Muslim⚘🍃

🌱Islam should strengthen your better qualities and shed off the bad.

🌱Keep ties with your family:
Show them that you are still part of the family, and show them Islam through your example.

🌱Take everything in steps:
Don’t take everything on at once. Ease yourself in the faith so that you aren’t overwhelmed.

🌱Start with Prayer (Salat):
Focus on doing your prayer correctly everyday. Prayer is your very own connection to Allah.

🌱Find a mentor:
The key is character, not strictly knowledge. You will learn more from their good example than a book.

🌱Ask questions:
If you don’t understand, ask. Remember an unasked question is never answered

🌱Avoid extremism:
Extremists will try to take advantage of new Muslims and try to persuade them to follow extreme views. Keep away from sects except Sunnah Muslims

🌱There might be a crash:
Eventually the spiritual high of conversion will level off and you may feel “less Muslim” Don’t worry, you are only finding your balance.

🌱You can keep your name:
Unless your name has a bad or pagan meaning, you don’t have to change it.

🌱Quran, Hadith and Seerah:
Start your learning with a good translation, a small collection of Hadith and Seerah.

🌱Avoid pressure to marry:
Converts are often sought for marriage, but that doesn’t mean the intention is always noble.

🌱Connect to the Masjid (mosque) :
The mosque is Allah’s house and the community heart and offers programs and lectures.

🌱Be with the community:
Have a group of Muslim friends that can support you as you grow in your faith.

🌱Be careful online:
Islam on the internet is like searching for gold in a minefield. Ask for legitimate Islamic sites.
There are websites and communitied that must be avoided like al-slam. org of Shia and Ahmadiyya community pages on fb..etc

🌱Gradually open up:
Open up about your faith to people you trust. If you need to hide your faith for a while, then do so.