Guinean Refused to Remove Niqab: Mariama Ciré Bah

Guinean Refused to Remove Niqab: Mariama Ciré Bah

Mariama Ciré Bah

20 years old, Mariama Ciré Bah Guinean 🇬🇳 she is married and a mother of a little girl.
She opted for the full-face veil when she was in 7th grade, a year after the death of her father who was a founder of a Quranic school. From then on, the young lady encountered difficulties in following her studies.

Being the eldest of the family, she has never given up because she intends to prove that a veiled woman can be an executive in Guinea “in 10th grade I encountered difficulties, because with the veil you cannot take the exams nationally.

Yet when I remove the veil I have a seizure and I told myself to give up but my mom advised me not to give up. The first day of the BEPC I fell and I was very embarrassed as I was doing the card with friends who had never seen my face. This is how I asked the delegate to let me finish even if it was just putting the scarf on my head and he agreed, “she narrates.

Today Mariama Ciré Bah had her BAC. But before facing the trials, she took a few steps from the opening “I met a collective that defends the rights of veiled women to explain my problem, then I went to my school and I spoke with my director who said that he will do the best so that I do the bac with the veil. After the formalities, I graduated and I am waiting for the orientation “she explains.

Very pious, the young lady memorized the Qur’an at the age of 11 when she was doing 5th grade. Her dream is to become an economist or especially to teach children.

For this dream to become a reality, Mariama Ciré Bah launches an appeal to authority “I ask the State to let us study freely, if you are a veiled woman and you cannot study in a secular country it” is serious ! There are veiled women who are good, who can be ministers, economists or others. Our sails do not prevent us from doing our professional activities, “she says.

It must be said that in the Republic of Guinea, veiled women find it difficult to do certain professional activities. A situation that worries this social entity when we know Guinea is a secular country. _____


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