Is Allah boastful??

هل إلهكم متكبر؟
Is your God Allah arrogant?

Boastfulness and pride is an Attribute that befits only God

While Jesus since He was human he repented because he needed another God to Whom actually he prayed😅

Allah in Quran is described with all great attributes
While humans are modest because they are fallible

Remember God is infallible
So He is depicted in Complete way
He is Boastful not Arrogant

He has the right to be so
Because He is dominant

Jesus not

Jesus ate food i.e; Suffocated in toilets
God is above any imperfections
Stop fooling us
Motakabbir is not mustakbir

Mustakbir us someone seeking to become arrogant and wants to reach boastfulness

While mutakabbir is someone already so

Boastfulness is elevation and pride for Allah
But it is bad for us as we are born weak creation

In Arabic boastfulness comes from greatness
Allah has the right to be Great and Pride is His Attribute

🏴Concerning humans

Same thing
Not all our boastfulness (pride) is wrong as you can still be proud if your son who got good marks in exams

What’s haram is despising people not being proud as in Hadeeth
الكبر غمص الحق وبطر الناس
If this pride is in humans and it’s good -sometimes —How about Lord who started us all and us Above Glorified Exalted and High !!

Wouldn’t He have the right to be Proud!!

In Arabic language Boastfulness here means pride proud etc

Full stop
turn over the page
game over😅

Boastful could mean too proud

Proud = boastful

I defy you not to find it in Oxford or Cambridge dictionaries so

Cambridge university says:
boastful means praising yourself for what you have done

Doesn’t God too have the right to be Proud


Why you corner a vocab to only one sense which is arrogance

Linguistically speaking homograph is two words having same spelling and different senses

Avocat in French is homograph yea
It both means fruit and lawyer yea?

Now our subject is not about homonym, homophone or homograph

But simply about synonyms

Boastful and proud are synonyms
Proof is in the enclosed pictures

So Motakabbir in Arabic language is a mere root word but a synonym of :
1. proud of ones achievements
2. arrogant
3. boastful

Why did you focus only on one negative and left the positive ones

In Muaajam El Waseet dictionary it says
المتكبر (أسماء الله الحسنى)[عدل] اسم الله المتكبر ، ومعناه الذي تكبر بربوبيته فلا شيء مثله، المتكبر عن كل سوء، المتعظم عما لا يليق به من صفات الحدث والذم.

It means the Great above any harm
Above any imperfections
Infallible and High
High means High above oppression too
Incomparable too
Elevated on any defect
So He is the only Great

In Surat El Hachr it means
البَليغ الكبرياء و العظمة
سورة : الحشر ، آية رقم : 23
المتعالي عن صفات الخلق ، وقيل : المتكبر على عُتاةِ خَلْقه

Go toالمتكبر/

Nutshell is
Allah is Great
High above any imperfections like oppression

So boastfulness in all languages is a homophone of pride and greatness and not only in Arabic
So stop fooling us
Debunked is ur claim

So He is above even tyranny
In one Hadeeth prophet says Allah negated oppression on Himself

So Allah is above tyrants deeds
As for people Any president who is arrogant automatically oppressed