France Rushes to Al Azhar to Soothe Muslims’ Anger

France Rushes to Al Azhar to Soothe Muslims’ Anger

French foreign minister travels to Egypt to soothe tensions

Before we narrate what happened let us remind you of what happened in history first

In November  of 1798 م

French troops under reign of Napoleon they entered Azhar University and made its masjid so dirty with horses

They made it as a stable for horses and tore all the precious books and manuscripts 📚 in it that were saved there for several centuries

The students and sheikhs were beheaded and their skulls 💀 stolen and hung in the same castle

The foreign minister Jean-Yves Le Drian rushed these past days to Al Azhar mosque to soothe tension of anger by Muslims and to beg Muslims to stop their boycot and anger and repair the relationships

Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Al-Azhar and the highest authority on Islam in Egypt —> strongly refused any reparation of relationships except until France 🇫🇷 retrieved back from insults..

Al Azhar said they will sue and file cases against all who insult the prophets under the pretex of freedom of expression

According to business and marketing..The client is always right. We Muslims are always right.. We know why we boycot..We didn’t understand you wrong as you claim

Al Azhar says there is no Islamic terrorism at all

The solution is what sheikh Hussin Hussayni proposed for you

Reconcile with the French Muslims

Give them freedom of expression too

Yet the freedom that comes from only one side is dictatorship is not a freedom

During Al Jazeera interview Macron said we cannot allow criticism to the Masonics and Jews bcz this is racism

So then abusing other’s religions and prophets and talking against Arabs calling them dirty and insulting Muslims too is racism bcz that triggers people

Or do you claim globalisation / secularism??

Canada 🇨🇦 too is secularist but the president there is N1 good example 👍 in it

Therefore the problem is only in France

The pre-planned hatred against us

Your hatred now is causing 😵 nausea and is horrible

Sheikh Azhar won’t help you anything as long as you abuse And harrass our brothers and sisters in France

Anti-France protests have erupted in many Muslim-majority countries over cartoons depicting the Prophet Muhammed.

France’s top diplomat Jean-Yves Le Drian stressed the “highest respect” for Islam during his Egypt visit.

French Foreign Minister Jean-Yves Le Drian traveled to Egypt Sunday to discuss France’s stance toward Islam after satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo re-released cartoons that showed the Prophet Muhammad.
“We have a first principle which is the highest respect for Islam,” Le Drian told reporters on Sunday. “I also want to say that Muslims are fully part of society in France.”
Le Drian met with Egyptian President Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi and Egyptian Foreign Minister Sahmeh Shukry. After meeting with the two Egyptian leaders, Le Drian said an “anti-French” campaign in Muslim communities was the result of a distortion of French President Emmanuel Macron’s comments on the issue.
After Charlie Hebdo released the cartoons in September, several people were killed in apparent Islamist attacks in Paris and Nice, including two people who were beheaded. Macron called both attacks acts of terrorism. The French government’s position defending the right to publish the cartoons also prompted anti-French demonstrations in Muslim-majority countries.
Charlie Hebdo was also the target of a terrorist attack in 2015, which left 12 dead. The trial surrounding the shooting began in September, and the magazine re-printed the cartoons that triggered the attack in response.
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Le Drian said, “we’re confronted by a terrorism threat, fanaticism, on our soil but also elsewhere, and this battle is a common battle.”

The French Foreign Minister (L) also met with Grand Imam Ahmed Al-Tayeb (R)

Meeting the Imam

Le Drian then talked with said Sheikh Ahmed Al-Tayeb, the grand imam of Al-Azhar and the highest authority on Islam in Egypt. The grand imam leads the Al-Azhar Mosque and the prestigious Al-Azhar University, which many believe to be the foremost religious institution for Sunni Muslims across the world. Last month, Al-Tayeb referred to remarks by Macron as “racist” and spreading “hate speech.”
Al-Tayeb remained unmoved by Le Drian on Sunday.
“Insulting our Prophet is completely unacceptable and we will pursue anyone who disrespects our honorable prophet in international courts, even if we spend the rest of our lives on this matter only,” said Al-Tayeb in a statement released by Al-Azhar.

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Teacher killing: Imam slams ‘work of thugs who have nothing to do with our religion’

He also denounced terrorism in the name of the religion.
“We refuse to describe terrorism as Islamic,” said Al-Tayeb. “Al-Azhar represents the voice of nearly 2 billion Muslims, and I said that terrorists do not represent us, and we are not responsible for their actions.”
Le Drian said the discussion between them was marked by “great frankness” but added “the Grand Imam suggested that we work together to deepen this common convergence.”
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