Why number 7 is recurrent in Islam

⇒In dunya
There are
7 Colors
7 each 7 years the cells are renewed
7 Layers of Earths beneath us
7 layers of heaven here 7 layers of
7 days
7 layers of our neck (if cut no life) and👇
7 days are the life itself
Our whole life is based on 7
Atom 7 layers of atom⚛
No omens in 7
Or pessimism like some people think 13 is bad luck and 10 is good luch
These are superstitions
In Islam ☪️ ❤
Therefore when you do circumbulances 7 times around Kaaba you feel happy because you are negatively discharged
7 modes of Quran ahruf
7 things don’t fade
Kursi, Arsh, Jannah, hell,
All pillars of Islam are built on 7
1. Shahada
To become Muslim you need shahada (7 words in Arabic)
1. Shahada
La ilaha illa Allah Muhammadun Rasulu Allah
Wudu is washing to 7 parts of the body
Salat: we are ordered to prostrate on 7 parts (forehead, two hands, two knees, two feet)
 Zakat: Allah duplicates it to 700 rewards
Fasting: Ramadan was ordained on the 17th of Ramadan month
Hajj: we cast pebbles 70 times and circumbulances are 7

We eats 7 dates before iftar no poison or sihr will harm us (hadeeth)
Allah puts blessings thru this number because it symbolises monotheism
7 days we do  Aqiqa to kids
 7 qibla mentioned 7 times in Quran
7 people will be under the shade created by Allah
7 stages Adam’s creation
7 times we wash a dish if a dog ate from it
Takbeerat El Eid 7

In short N7 is a symbol of Tawheed in Islam

And we don’t take omens in anything in Islam

Written by Ridouan Soumaa