Macron is gay. Whole story of Betrayal to Briget’s husband for a fictitious cover marriage not to be considered as gay

Macron is gay. Whole story of Betrayal to Briget’s husband for a fictitious cover marriage not to be considered as gay

Macron is gay. He betrayed his “wife’s” husband for a fictitious cover marriage not to be considered gay
Orientation by Emmanuel Macron. ●He is gay●
In France, there are many gay people in political circles, even the former Mer of Paris – Bertrand Delanoë, who worked for thirteen years, did not hide his unconventional orientation.
However, the people did not approve of the decision of ex-president Francois Hollande when he approved the legalization of same-sex marriage and, in addition, to take children from the shelter to education.
The fact that Macron is blue is indicated by facts from his biography. At one of the dinner parties, he invited gay activists from the United States.
He is often seen with the gentlemen of the “blue blood” and, oddly enough, many gays make the choice of older wives. Rumor has it that the marriage with Bridget Tronier is fictitious, and this woman is just a cover for Macron.
Emanuel even had to make excuses, in an interview he said that he simply couldn’t be in the society of blue people, since he spends his time with his wife, and if someone saw it, it was most likely his clone, the politician jokes.
 And even taking advantage of the opportunity, relieving himself of his suspicions of homosexual orientation,
⇒he said that he had recently sued his colleague, allegedly with whom he has sexual relations.
 “I love my wife so much,” Macron says, “that I will never let her and her name be defiled, pouring dirt on us.” We are a loving family in which treason is simply unacceptable. “
Also, many who called to vote for Emmanuel Macron in the elections were representatives of the country’s sexual minorities added fuel to the fire. Also, many members of the pro-presidential Forward! Party known for their gay orientation.
Many now are convinced that marriage with Brigitte Macron is fictitious. He is a kind of cover for the young President.
 Indeed, despite the legalization of same-sex marriages in France, citizens of the country still do not perceive this normally.
In France, many say that Macron has a love affair with Mathieu Galle, president of the popular Radio France country.
He is a gay who married Briget matron to cover from gay orientation 😆

⇒Briget the matron
Bridget was born on April 13, 1953 in the north of France. Her family had an income of 4 million euros per year.
Bridget, who grew up in a wealthy family, was the wife of a banker, and now a successful politician, she loves expensive branded things. She is a fan of Dior and Louis Vuitton.
Bridget At 21, she married banker Andre Louis Ozier, from whom she gave birth to three children – the son of Sebastian and daughters – Laurence and Tiffany.
When Bridget met Emmanuel, he was 15 and she was 39. A woman led a theater group at La providence private school in her hometown
The father of Emmanuel Jean-Michel Macron forbade Bridget to communicate with his son.
👉Bridget and Emmanuel communicated through letters, and in 2007, Madame Tronier divorced her first husband, came to Paris and married Macron. The wedding was attended by the daughter of Bridge
👉Bridget and Emmanuel have no joint children. Emmanuel in an interview with BMFTV said that they decided not to have children together: “I do not need biological children and grandchildren.”
Bridget is the grandmother of 7 grandchildren, with whom Emmanuel spends time with pleasure.
In 2006, Bridget divorced her husband and after almost 1.5 years, in 2007 she married 29-year-old Emmanuel Macron, the couple has been married for 10 years. Interestingly, the son of Bridget Sebastian, born in 1975 and 2 years older than her second husband, is now an engineer, daughter Lawrence of the same age as
Emmanuel Macron does not plan to start biological children.
Now Bridget Macron is 64 years old, she has already left teaching and is helping her husband in his election race. Bridget among those people whom Emmanuel trusts, she helped write a pre-election speech to Emmanuel and from the words of her husband, if he becomes president of France Bridget, she will listen to her opinion
A young, 29-year-old acquaintance of politics, said that Macron was cheating on his wife. For his part, he denied everything. In order to achieve the truth and not upset his beloved wife, Emmanuel filed a lawsuit for harassment from that young woman. Also, the 25th president of France was suspected of unconventional communication with the young journalist Matthew Gale
On December 21, 2018, Emmanuel Macron will turn 41 years old.
He has no biological native children
All the children of our hero are his peers. So, for example, the daughter of Emmanuel Macron is Laurence Ozier of his same age. She is also born in 1977. Emmanuel Macron and Laurence Ozier have known each other since school.
It is known that Laurence poorly received the news of the divorce of her parents – mother Brigitte Macron and father Andre.
Brigitte Tronier is twice married. Her first marriage happened in 1974, when the girl turned 21 years old. Her chosen one was the banker Andre Louis Ozier.
Also, a teacher at the school led a theater group, which was also attended by young Emmanuel. Brigitte praised his poems, play and skill and set an example to many of his students. Soon, after rehearsals of several performances, their relationship withdrew from the category of “teacher – student”. They became much closer to each other emotionally. In general, the guy at first sight was in love with Bridget Tronier. The photos in the youth of the first lady were so good that it is not surprising that the young Emmanuel had feelings for her. This love carried through the years and waited for reciprocity from the chosen one.

Once, when Emmanuel was seventeen, he announced that sooner or later Brigitte would become his wife. And no matter how she dodges him, he will nevertheless achieve what he wants. Who would have thought that youthful love would be so strong that it would be able to overcome such a difference in age and last so many years.
Brigitte, in turn, did not respond to this statement. And what could she answer? Do not have a husband, three children. She already quite took place as a woman. Although she herself had feelings for a young boy.
Young Emmnuael a little later nevertheless spoke about his feelings and his beloved parents. Those without hesitation, and in order to isolate his son from possible stupidity, sent him to finish his studies last year in the capital – Paris. But this did not stop the hearts in love. Emmanuel Macron and Brigitte Tronier continued to communicate. They kept in touch by telephone. The distance did not extinguish the fire of love, but perhaps, on the contrary, their feelings became even clearer and brighter.
Brigitte divorced her first husband in 2006 and after only a year and a half accepted the proposal of Emmanuel Macron. The couple officially registers their relationship and Brigitte proudly takes the name of the current spouse. It is interesting that the future President becomes the stepfather of the children of Brigitte, one of whom is two years older than him, and the second daughter is his one-year-old. However, joint family trips were often seen by paparazzi. The pictures show that the children Brigitte and Emmanuel with his wife are happy, communicate well with each other. Macron is happy to nurse and take his grandchildren for his own
⇒Psychologists have repeatedly conducted research on why men choose more adult women who are several years older than them in their companions. Thus, the results of the study showed that often men who choose older women had an overly caring mother. She often solved all the problems of her son herself. On an intuitive level, such a person reaches for a more mature companion, so as not to “bother” with the solution of incoming problems, so to speak.
The other side of the research suggests that perhaps in childhood the boy lacked maternal warmth. And already in adulthood, he also intuitively selects an older person to fill the void. A man is looking for himself and a companion in life and a mother who will love and take care of him with all its advantages and disadvantages
A 15-year-old teenager was fornicating with his teacher, who is 40 years old, who is married with 3 children, two of whom are older than him !!!
And after her husband and the school knew of betrayal, and it was a loud scandal, the teacher was transferred to Tania School in the same city. The student was transferred to another city 170 km away from their original city, however.
The adulterer remained in a relationship and continued for 13 years, until the professor divorced her husband in 2006 and married her lover and her student in 2007!
This adulterous student who emerged from the embrace of fornication, rancidity and betrayal with a married woman of his mother’s age;  He became the president of a country called France and his name is
Emmanuel Macron.
He gives us a lesson today about the “crisis” of Islam, and he wants to change our religion, which the “adulterous student” does not agree with !!!
This mucky student encourages the spread of caricatures about the teacher of mankind who taught humanity monotheism, morals, values and ideals, upon whom is the best prayer and the most sincere submission!
O Allah, Bless our Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), his family, his companions and all those who follow him.

اللَّهُمَّ صَلِّی عَلَی مُحَمَّدٍ وَّعَلَی آله وأصحابه ومن تبعهم بإحسان إلى يوم الدين.


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