Trinity!!! How did it start

You may ask: what is the origin of Trinity? The Holy Book’s dictionary expressly answer: “The word itself (Trinity) was not mentioned in the Holy Book. It is thought to be first developed by Tertullian (160 – 225)”…, finally, Athanasius of Alexandria (298 – 379) appeared and established the basis of the dogma which was accepted and approved by The Council of Nicea in 325 AD.
The Council of Nicea started in May 20, 325 AD under the patronage of the emperor Constantine to argue about the nature of Jeseus, peace be upon him; whether he is a messenger supported with miracles, or miracles does not occur by a human being except that he is reincarnated by God, according to the pagan Roman beliefs. The opinion of 318, who believed he is “the son of God” literally not metaphorically, out of 1800 bishops (17,6%) was chosen and the Council concluded to the decision of deification, and dissented other attendants who were supporting Arius who called that Jesus was just a messenger. The Council gave orders to destruct all Bibles that contradicts it.
That is how opponents of the call of monotheism became inspirational with their heads surrounded by haloes of light and their rituals and Bibles bacame a tradition. All existing Bibles were translated from Greek, however, archaeological discoveries of manuscripts of monotheism disclosed the biggest lie in the history.
Michael Baigent and Richard Leigh, the scribes of “The Dead Sea Scrolls Deception”, a book published in 1991, were accused of concealing information opposite to the Catholic teachings and distorting the translation of the scrolls which delegations continued discovering in 1956 in Qumran caves western the Dead Sea. Since the early 1990s, the media campaign intensified in the American newspapers (especially New York Times and Washington Post) to unveil the points that opposes the existing Apocalypse and contradicts the Jewish and Christian beliefs prevalent today which was concealed by the Catholic scrolls Commission. It became widely known that investigators’ witnesses and theologicals’ acknowledgements that there are radical differences, cannot be justified as mistakes and copy errors, between the existing apocalypse and the contents of those scrolls written in Aramaic and Hebrew during the period between the late 1st century BC and the early 2nd century BC. Moreover, according to Christian resources like Institute for Biblical & Scientific Studies and BaytAllah Website, the apocalypse of Esther was not found what makes it more likely that it is foreign, the apocalypse of Isaiah is different, and there are 15 psalms that were never known before. Above all, several apocalypses that were also never known before were found; they are: the Books of Moses and Book of the Jubilee, the Book of Noah, the Book of Levi, Tobiah, and the Book of Wisdom.
Fredrik Grant described the apocalypses of the Church in his book ” The Gospels: Their Origin and Growth” as: “a heterogeneous book … a collected diapers … represents various points of view”. The Chaldean Catholic Church, also, stated that: “more than 40 scribes engaged in writing it, over more than 1600 years”. “. Pope Shenouda said: “The old Testament was written over 2500 years by 40 writer totally different in their characteristics…..”
All of this is not far from the words of Allah, the Almighty the Most High, in His Holy Book: “And We have revealed to you, [O Muhammad], the Book in truth, confirming that which preceded it of the Scripture and as a criterion over it.” Alma’idah: 48.