Why Hijab (Horrible Statestics: West Rape and Divorce)

Why Hijab (Horrible Statestics: West Rape and Divorce)

🚥Do we want a woman a slave and captive via exploitating her for business



television and radio.


and fashion

And thru freeing her of binds and religion.

Or we want her as Allah wanted for her to be a slave to Allah ??

According to the UN, the country with the highest divorce rate in the world is the Maldives with 10.97 divorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year. This is followed by the Belarus with 4.63 and the United States wih 4.34.



Divorces per 1,000 inhabitants per year








United States











Puerto Rico









Antigua and Barbuda




Here are some examples showing man’s exploitation of woman and the miserable results:

According to Al-Qabas Newspaper,👇🏻

In Britain, 9 out of 12 girls – below 20 years of age – are subjected to rape and kidnapping.


Al-Qabas Newspaper, Kuwait, issued 6.2.1976, which also quotes from an Italian Magazine Tempo.


In Italy the Italian newspaper ” Amica” mentioned

exciting facts concerning the crimes committed in its country:

surely a woman refuses to accept any honourable work which forces her to return home at night so as not to expose her dignity and life to danger.”

They fear attacking being attacked or kidnapped them with the aim of robbery or sexual abuse…



Al-Qabas Newspaper, Kuwait, issued

🏴 2. Ibid., 6-10-1976


In another report disclosing the woman tragedy under the materialistic culture, the American Association for Family Services says:

👉 Every year more than one million persons are separated or divorced, which is sevenfold higher in percentage compared with that of a century ago.

👉The number of illegitimate children are 50% and each year 👉4 million illegitimate births are registered in the U.S.A.

Regarding the problem of the corruption of the youth, which has a close relation with divorce, statistics doubled three times more than those of 1940.”3

🏴3. Man and Religion, English version, 1st ed., p,81, Al-Balagh Foundation quoting from a bulletin by Al-Iskanadariah University.


🌼Veeery Important 🌼

Dr. Homer, a Female Swedish, when asked by the United Nations to study the status of women in Arab countries in 1975, she announced:

“It is the Swedish woman who should demand her freedom, as the woman in the Arab countries has already reached the peak of her freedom under Islam.”

She added: “the Swedish woman tries these days to have this year announced as

‘The International Year of the Woman,’ and then declare another year for the man, so that he may extract his rights from the women.”

Dr. Homer continues in her report by saying: “25% of Swedish women suffer from psychological and nervous sicknesses, and 40% of Sweden’s income is spent on these diseases caused by the so-called freedom which the Swedish woman attained and which she is practising..

In fact, the tragedy of the Swedish woman is this very permissiveness which has taken her to the edge of such a terrifying and perilous precipice.”4


4- Ibid: Man and Religion, English version, 1st ed., p,82, Al-Balagh Foundation quoting from a bulletin by Al-Iskanadariah University.


The way the woman is treated in the western countries, which claim to be the champions of freedom and equality, is evident from the International Meeting on Women and Mass Media held in Athens, Greece, November 20, 1985.

One of the participants, Petra Kelly, a member of the West German Parliament, bitterly complained.


“In Germany they treat us (German women) like a minority, equal to invalids, the lower strata of society and like children. They portray us pornographically and consider using violence against us as natural.

The breakdown of family stability in Britain.


🚩A study in America reveals that 40% of births are from adultory 👇

↪In 2011, 39% of births in the European Union were non-marital births, and in the U.S. that share is 41%.

Ref: PewResearch


🚩 American Biocenter reveals half %per cent  of live births occurr in non-marital relationships. 😲





🚩In USA too

Nonmarital births are increasingly likely to occur within cohabiting unions—rising from 41% of recent births in 2002 to 58% in 2006–2010.




→Half the marriages will probably end in divorce. Sixty percent of the children born will spend part of their childhood in a single-parent family.

🗣This is the coutcome of not wearing hijab as in hadeeth too⇓

Sons of adultory will spread

🏴[Narrated by El Hakim]


Every 15 minutes a woman is a victim of rape.”

((((In USA every 20 seconds😲))))

Associations urged the Greek Parliament to pass legislation banning the exploitation of women on television.

Though criticism of the exploitation of women is fully justified, the women of these so-called advanced countries are themselves to be blamed.

If women did not consent there would be no pornographic publications, sex films and nude advertisements.

🗣The following statistics reveal how alarming the family breakdown epidemic has become in non-Muslim societies: divorces because of broken down societies


One in four marriages end in divorce; in cities the rate may be as high as 50%. Each year 600, 000 couples marry, 100, 000 choose to live together without marriage and 100, 000 divorce.


Almost 40% of first marriages end in divorce. The divorce rate doubled between 1972 and 1982.

The Former Soviet Union:

About 70% of marriages break up in 10 years, according to Moskovskaya Pravda, factors involved include drunkenness, lack of money and lack of privacy.

These are old statestics!


→Central and South America:

The UNESCO Courier stated that the family breaks up and mothers and children are left in poverty.

The nations with the highest percentage of illegitimate births in the world are in the Caribbean and in Central and South America.


Although China’s divorce rate is lower than most western nations, it has risen 70% in 5 years. The Peiking Review reported that the divorce rate is rising dramatically.

→South Africa 🇿🇦 :

The Coalition of South African Women’s Rights says that one out of two South African women is raped in their lifetime. This includes children and even babies and old women!

→Britain 🇬🇧:

The divorce rate in the U.K. is the highest in western Europe. Nearly 1 out of 7 single women, age 18 to 49, lives with a man she has not married.

The Hospital Today, a magazine of London mentioned

It says:”…Despite the abundance of contraceptives and legalized abortion, it is noted that 86% of the children are born to unmarried mothers!


Man and Religion, English version, 1st ed., p,84, Al-Balagh Foundation quoting from a bulletin by Al-Iskanadariah University.



The magazine, Interphase in its April 1977 issue reports: “The grave problem of the Soviet communist society end up in divorces much then before

In Moscow, for example, nearly 49% of the marriages ended in divorce after the birth of the first child.

In the Mavadansk region, the percentage of divorce is as high as 72.9%.


Ibid: Man and Religion, English version, 1st ed., p,84, Al-Balagh Foundation quoting from a bulletin by Al-Iskanadariah University.

Thus, Islamic Hijab is among the most prominent terms used by the Divine Authority to protect woman and make a clean human society.

Otherwise ⇒Divorce, prostitution, alcohol and drug addiction and the results also diseases such as AIDS are plaguing the societies who have chosen to abandon Islam.

Allah Exalted be He says

But to refrain (i.e. not to discard their outer clothing) is better for them. And Allah is All-Hearer, All-Knower.

By Ridouan Soumaa



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