Do I Need Holy Spirit 😳

How many a time do we hear from Christians that if you have to have a holy spirit in you to understand the Bible even though it’s in plain English?😳
Well, don’t blame them those are the lies they were been fed with since they were kids.
The Church knows that if the people were able to read the Bible in their own tongues, the Church’s Income and Power would Crumble.
The Lies of the Institutionalized Churches will be exposed as frauds and lies..
So they come up with a formula to keep control of the Lost Sheep!
💥💥💥YOU DONT HAVE HOLY SPIRIT to understand the things of GOD!!!
This all about the holy spirits. Holy spirits is the creation of God not God.only if you can understand.
(First of all if we can’t understand without the holy spirit why are you busy preaching to Muslims whom you say don’t have holy spirit. How will they understand then?
Why was Jesus busy preaching to people without first giving them the holy spirit to understand?
(Why are you translating the Bible into your languages if understanding comes from holy spirit)
Why do you go to different churches and have different interpretation of the Bible if you are guided by the holy spirit?
Why do you sin? You play with holy spirit Holy spirit  the spirit of holiness!!!!
Why also do you drink alcohol?. Because the one filled by the holy spirit do not drink alcohol. As in Luke 1:15-16  & Ephesian 5:18
OK let start/ there are many spirits
God is God of all spirits. Number 27:16.
Jinns are non angelic supernatural beings.
Jinns are spirits  but spirits  are not  the jinns.
its very unfotunate that in Christianity there is no DIFFERENCE between Angels,  Jinns  and God.
👉🏼God is a spirit
👉🏼angels are spirits 👉🏼prophets/humanbeings are spirits
👉🏼satan/devils   are  spirits. Everything that is unseen is associated with a spirit.
7 spirits in heaven and the likes.
Like 2 John 4:1-5 it says don’t believe in every spirits. (Here spirits represented false prophets interchangeably)
This unexpounded term gives a way pastors to cone congregants in the church to achieve their evils in the name  of Inspired Spirit
Because no one understands and no one wants to understand .They just want to believe as they believed in Trinity though they don’t understand.
*When are you going to tell people the truth – pastors?.*
Coming from wilderness Jesus was filled with the holy spirit. Luke 4:14!
Which means he had no holy spirit before. And not only the holy spirit
These below are some of spirits that Jesus possessed
.Isaiah 11:2 New International Version (NIV)
 The Spirit of the Lord will rest on him—
 The Spirit of wisdom and of understanding,
 The Spirit of counsel and of might,
 The Spirit of the knowledge and fear of the Lord—
Unlike John who was filled with the holy spirit right from mother’s womb.
But still John filled with the holy spirit failed to understand!
Can u explain why John the Baptist filled with the holy spirit failed to understand Jesus from the prison until he sent his disciples to inquire,?
Explain also how these disciples believed without the holy spirit. Acts 19:1-2?
They never even heard about it
There was a time Saul was filled with the holy spirit and God withdrew the holy spirit and gave him the evil spirit. .
—–>Holy spirit is the creation of God and God can even create spirit of lies, spirits of goodness, spirit of whatever and bestows on you.
—–>Holy spirit is the spirit of holiness. You become holy with it. All your deeds become holy .
—–>Holy spirit is not God. Remember we have evil spirit also comes from God.1 Samuel 18:10
—–>And Satan also is called an evil spirit .
Evil spirit is the spirit that lead you into all evil.
God grant you what u desire
You can’t understand without the holy spirit !!!
That is modern church lies. Eventhough they don’t know what is the holy spirit.
People understood and believed in God without the holy spirit on them.
See Acts 19:1-2
Even some disciples didn’t hear or know what is the holy spirit?
And according to Christians’ logic that the holy spirit descended at the Pentecostal. After Jesus ascended to heaven.
That logic helps to prove the notion that they say you can’t understand without the holy spirit.
Because before the Pentecostal event those disciples were already believers and they understood Jesus’s Message , that’s why they were believers long before the Pentecostal event.
You can’t tell me that Peter understood after the Pentecostal event.
Not only disciples even many local people believed in Jesus and understood him without the holy spirit.
▪︎John 9! Here a blind man believed in Jesus
▪︎John 4:19 here a woman understood that this ▪︎Jesus is a prophet.
▪︎John 11:42-48 here majority of people followed Jesus
▪︎Mathew ,9:8 here people understood Jesus
▪︎Mathew 21:11 here the crowds declared this is Jesus a prophet from Nazareth
So all these people believed and understood Jesus even without the descending of the holy spirit
What is the function of the Holy spirit
 it’s not to help you understand but to make you holy inspired and miracles is done .John 20:22;23.
When holy spirit descended on Saul he was able to do prophecies. 1 Samuel 10:5-10.
So holy spirit has been in existence. Holy spirit didn’t come after Jesus ascended to heaven. (churches twisted the spirit of truth  mentioned in John 16 to be the holy spirit)
Holy spirit is there Right from Genesis. Up to new testament.
Now Christians Please answer these questions
Ask yourself
The only place in the Bible where the Paraclete was called the Holy Spirit is in John 4:26 “But the Paraclete, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, he will teach you all things and bring to your remembrance all that I have said to you”. What has the Holy Spirit brought or taught for the last 2000 years?
1.Christians say that the Paraclete means the Holy Spirit (John 14;26). Jesus said in John 16:7-8 “If I do not go away the Paraclete will not come to you”. This could not mean the Holy spirit, since the Holy spirit was said to have been there before Jesus was even born as in Luke 1:41 “Elizabeth was filled with the Holy Spirit”.
Here, the Holy spirit was also present during Jesus life time. So how could this fit with the condition that Jesus must go away so that the Holy spirit will come?
2.In John 16:7-8, it says: “But if i go, I will send him to you. And when he comes, he will convict the world of sins and of righteousness and of Judgment”. What do “he” and “him” refer here? Do nÕt they refer to a man?
3. Does the Holy Spirit talk to good Christians and bad Christians as well? Is the Holy spirit with them all the time or just at certain times? When does it start visiting a person who wants to become a Christian?
4. .How can you as a Christian tell if the Holy Spirit is inside another Christian? How come many Christians fooled people by claiming that the Holy spirit was inside them only to be converted to another religion later on ?
5. Does the Holy Spirit dictate what Christians should do without choice or freedom at all or does it only guide them and they have the freedom to follow or not ?
6. If the Holy Spirit dictates what Christian should do, why do Christians commit sins and make mistakes ? How can you explain the conversion to other religions and atheism of many Christians? Are they told to do that by the Holy Spirit?
7. If the Holy Spirit guides Christians only, and they are free to do what they want, then how do we know that the writers of the Gospels didn’t make mistakes in writing them?
8. If Christians believe that the Holy Spirit comes and talks to them everyday, why don’t they ask the Holy Spirit about which version of the Bible to follow since there are too many versions floating around?
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