35 Etiquettes on Dealing with Parents

Thirty-five etiquettes on dealing with parents:
1) Turn off the cell phone in their presence.
2) Listen to their conversation.
3) Accept their opinion.
4) Interact with their speech.
5) Look at them directly n grovel.
6) Permanent praise for them.
7) Share with them happy news.
Don’t convey negative news to them.

9) Praise their friends and loved ones.
10) To be constantly reminded of their achievements.
11) Interacting with their speech even if it is repeated by them.
12) Not to mention painful situations from the past to them
13) Avoid side conversations.
14) Sit respectfully with them.
15) Do not belittle or diminish their thoughts.
16) Don’t interrupt them; to let them talk …
17) Respect their age and don’t annoy their grandchildren as that upsets them too.
18) Don’t punish their grandchildren in front of them.
19) Accept all advice and directions from them.
20) Honor them in their presence.
21) Don’t cause them to raise their voice nor do so yourself to them
22) Do not walk in front of them.
23) Don’t eat before them
24) Do not stare at them with stiffness
25) Be proud of them even if they are not qualified for that.
26) Don’t extend the feet in front of them or give them the back.
27) Do not insult them.
28) Pray for them at all times.
29) Don’t show fatigue and boredom in front of them.
30) Do not laugh at their mistake.
31) Serve them before they ask.
32) Always visit them and not be angry with them.
33) Select good words when discussing with them.
34) Call them the most beloved names.
35) Give them priority to everything and to all people.

They are an above-ground treasure that is about to be buried underground.


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